Have you tried targeted Facebook ads for your real estate business?

Targeted advertising on social media sites such as Facebook can help real estate agents connect with those who want to sell their homes. However, not everyone understands how to create a targeted ad, or how to compel a potential client to click on that ad to learn more.

How to Make a Facebook Ad

Creating a Facebook ad is fairly simple and straightforward. All you have to do is enter the text of the advertisement, add a picture if you have one and choose the colors and fonts that you want to use in the text editor. Once you have created an ad that you feel comfortable with, you can then publish that ad.

How to Target Your Ad

When you create your ad, you will be asked when you want your ad to appear. This allows you to pay only when your target audience is looking at advertisements. For example, you could tell Facebook to only show your ad to American females between the ages of 25-35. This ensures that you are not paying for views or clicks that don’t help you grow your business.

Optimize for Clicks or Conversions?

There are many different reasons to create an ad. One is to encourage people to click on your ad to learn more about yourself and what you do. Another is to encourage conversions —in other words, you want people who click your ad to then take action, such as giving up their email address or making a purchase of some sort. Prior to creating and publishing your ad, Facebook will ask you what the goal of the ad is and help guide you through the ad creation process. Only Pay for What You Ask For

If you pay for clicks, you will only pay for an ad each time someone clicks on it. When you pay for impressions, you will pay each time your ad is shown to those on the site. Facebook will tell you how much it will cost for each click or each impression. Generally, clicks cost more than impressions. However, paying for ads on Facebook still is among the most affordable marketing tools available to a real estate agent.

Facebook ads can be extremely useful for real estate agents looking for new clients. With so many people using social media, you can easily reach and engage your target market and acquire new clients without spending too much money.

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